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Dannah + Sam | Married | Alpharetta Athletic Club

Dannah + Sam | Married | Alpharetta Athletic ClubGreetings fan! It’s that time of year again. Time for all you wonderful to see how our 2014 season shaped up! We had such a busy year that we want to share all our bride’s and groom’s stories with all of you. First up, we’ve got Dannah and Sam. This adorable couple were married at the Alpharetta Athletic Club this spring. It was a lovely day filled with joy and happiness. Let’s find out a little bit about Dannah and Sam and how they got to this magical day. We we’re so honored to be apart of such a special day. Read below a little more about Dannah and Sam! To the happy couple. Dannah, I’m so thankful for your spicy personality! I know that Sam has choose the perfect girl for his mellow take-it-as-it-come personality. It reminds me very much of Bowie and I. I hope that you guys have so many years of love, happiness and bliss. We are so happy for you both. Cheers!!


The story of Dannah + Sam:

What’s your story? My fiance, Sam, is a golf enthusiast. No, unfortunately, he is not a professional golfer (maybe one day!). He is the Assistant Superintendent at Ansley Golf Course at Settindown Creek and is (not so) humble about the quality of course that he works on.  I am the Assistant Brand Manager for CosMedix, a professional skincare line. I am also in school getting my MBA and trying not to go crazy between work, school and wedding planning! We are both huge football fans, which shows the strength of our relationship – we’ve made it through three UGA vs SC games and are still together!:)

How did you and your love meet and how were you engaged? I  dated a guy named Doug my senior year of high school  and we kept in touch throughout the years. I was living in Cumming, GA with my mom when Doug moved to Canton, GA with his buddy Sam. My family has a favorite hole-in-the-wall wings place (seriously – definition of redneck) in downtown Cumming called Roosters. Doug, some friends and I were all going to Roosters one night for dinner and Doug asked if he could bring his roommate along. From then on, it was history! I must look real cute eating chicken wings – ha! That will be three years ago this February. The proposal came at the UGA vs SC football tailgate this year in Athens. We were there with about 40 family and friends and they did a flash mob to Bruno Mars “Marry You”. 




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Alexis and Jeff | Marriott Marquis Hotel | Atlanta Wedding



Alexis and Jeff | Marriott Marquis Hotel | Atlanta Wedding

Greetings fans! Today’s blog post is about a lovely couple—Alexis and Jeff! We asked these two about their story and how they were engaged. Here’s the cute tale straight from the bride!

How did you and your love meet, and what’s your story?

     ”Jeff and I met through mutual friends during the summer between his freshman/sophomore year and my sophomore/junior year. Jeff was pretty quiet the first few times we all hung out together, so I was pretty sure he was overwhelmed by me. One night, out on the town, we started talking and I was pretty surprised to find that he knew my name. He held my hand that night as we walked down the streets of Athens and the rest is history. . . 

     Jeff is a financial planner, and works at a fee-only firm in Buckhead. I am just starting out in the work force as a Dietitian at Piedmont Hospital. We just bought a house in Sandy Springs and are in the process of furnishing/decorating our home. It’s pretty awesome! We are both dying to get a dog. Not really sure how this ties in, but it seems important.”

How were you engaged? 

     ”Jeff is the sneakiest—not usually—but in the case of the engagement he was.

     I did not suspect a proposal at all! We had planned to go to Blue Ridge, GA (where my parents live) the weekend of April 19th. My grandparents were also supposed to come up Saturday to spend the day with us. The Mountains and family is something that’s really important to me. Jeff and I had spent a lot of weekends there. We have a pond on the property that we love to sit by. 

     I picked Jeff up from work that Friday so that we could leave as early as possible (versus driving home separately and then leaving). We had to stop at Costco to pick up crackers and strawberries for my mom on the way up. Once we left Costco, Jeff was adamant about driving the rest of the way. I thought he was being sweet and trying to save me from sitting in crazy traffic—so I told him that I didn’t mind and I would drive. He ended up jumping into the front seat ahead of me, which I thought nothing of. 

     On the drive Jeff asked me to DJ—I, of course, played all our favorite songs. It had been a rainy day and as we got closer to Blue Ridge, the clouds began to clear and there was a beautiful sunset. As we pulled down the driveway, there was a beautiful mist coming off the pasture and the pond. There was also a nip in the air. Jeff pulled the car over by the pond and stopped. I let him know that I had to pee really bad, and that we needed to keep heading towards the house so I could relieve myself. Jeff insisted that it was gorgeous outside and that we needed to go look at the pond. He turned the car off, and jumped out of the car. When I opened the door to follow him, the cool air hit me. . .  and reminded me even more of how badly I had to pee.
     I said to Jeff, ‘I have to pee, it’s freezing, and I’m ready to see the dog. . . Can we go up now?’ 
     He said, ‘It’s so beautiful, come here,’ and opened his arms for a hug. As I hugged him, I could feel his heart racing.
     ’Your heart’s beating really fast!’
     He pulled back and looked at me, and said goofily, ‘. . . Your heart’s beating really fast.’ I was a little confused but kept hugging him.
     He then said, ‘You’re the most important person in my life.’ 
     To which I responded, ‘Aw, you’re the most important person in my life.’

     Jeff: ‘I love you more than anything in the world!’ 

     Me (clueless): ‘Aw, Jeff, I love you more than anything in the world!’ 

     Then he got this weird look in his eye and took a really deep breath and said, ‘I can’t believe this is happening.
     (Aaaaand I was still clueless….)
     ’I'm ready to spend the rest of my life with you.’
     Then he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. I burst into tears. I could not believe it. . . We hugged and laughed and cried and I screamed, “No way! No Way! Are you Serious?!” Then he put the ring on, and it was/is gorgeous!

     We called Jeff’s parents, our grandparents, our siblings, our friends, and our parents friends, and repeatedly said, ‘I can’t believe this is happening.’ It was an awesome night. . . Oh yeah, and I totally forgot how bad I had to pee for another 2 hours! The next day, we got to spend time with the family and friends. It was an amazing and surreal weekend.”

 Aww! What a beautiful story! Alexis later mentioned that the moment on her special day in which she was most excited for would be to walk down the aisle towards her man! Judging from her brilliant smile in the shots below, I’d say that was definitely true! We wish this couple the best of luck in their lives together! Big thanks to Stella-Harper Events , The Marriott and Bloomin Bouquets for another amazing wedding! Enjoy!


marriott_marquis_hotel_wedding_atlanta_ 0010



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Leah + Scott | Married | Piedmont Church | Hilton Marietta Conference Center

Leah + Scott | Married | Piedmont Church | Hilton Marietta Conference Center

Greetings fans! Today we have Leah + Scott. These two are die hard Auburn fans and graduates! They love the Tigers so much that their special engagement was at an Auburn football game. They actually were high school friends turned lovers later in life. (I just LOVE those stories). They  met at Kennesaw Mountain High School in 10th grade Physical Science Class, became friends and had many classes together. Scott was the athletic trainer for Girls Varsity soccer, and Leah played soccer. They both later went to Auburn for college and started dating their Jr. year of college. They loved Auburn so much that Scott asked Leah to be his wife at a fabulous game. Here is the story from the bride:


Scott surprised me and proposed Friday night before the Auburn/UGA game. He arranged a private tour of the stadium and locker rooms for our families, which everyone was very excited about. When we got to the training room, he showed me around because that’s where he worked for 4 years as an athletic trainer. While I was looking around all of the family went out and got up in the stands. When Scott and I walked through the tunnel he pulled me out onto the field and I could see our families in the stands with cameras. That’s when I realized he was about to propose! I was so surprised and excited; it was the perfect moment.

Leah and Scott are an amazing couple. We were thrilled to be there with family and friends to see them take the next step in their lives. I even got to hear the “War Eagle” story (I could never understand why the mascot was the tigers – but everyone said “War Eagle!!”)  Have a look at their lovely Piedmont Church and Hilton Marietta Conference Center wedding. Cheers to the bride and groom , cheers to love and cheers to some amazing vendors!!

Coordinator and lead lady, Emily (by the way she was about 9+ months pregnant at this wedding) - Stell-Harper Events

Amazing florist and all around amazing person – Sarah with Blooming Bouquets

Piedmont Church

Hilton Marietta Conference Center






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Splendor Mountain Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Splendor Mountain | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0008

Greeting fans!! Meet Amanda and Jonathan!  These two were married at a lovely venue call, Splendor Mountain in the north Georgia mountains. As usually, during the interview process, I really got to know this “transplanted” Atlanta couple, now living in sunny California! Here are is the story of how Amanda and Jonathan came to be.

What’s your story? Though Georgians by birth, Jonathan and I moved to California about three years ago. Jonathan really wanted to pursue a career in the film industry or in video games, so we packed our bags and trekked across the country. Jonathan now works as a video game tester at Insomniac games and I work as the marketing project manager at a children’s website called .

How did you and Jonathan engaged? Jonathan proposed in Joshua Tree National Park in April 2012. He said that we were going to play a “photo game” that he’d seen in a magazine. We would both take out slips of paper from an envelope, turn around and  count to 5,  then read the slip and do what was instructed. The only instruction on my slip of paper was  ”turn around.” When I did, Jonathan was on one knee! See the video here.

We were so trilled to be at Splendor Mountain (a newer, beautiful venue in the North Georgia Mountain) for Amanda + Jonathan’s special day. We wish Amanda and Jonathan all the best in there killer careers and amazing life together. Cheers to love!

splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0001
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0002
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0003
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0004
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0005
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0006
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0007
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0008
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0009
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0010
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0011
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0012
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0013
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0014
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0015
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0016
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0017
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0018
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0019
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0020
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0021
splendor mountain wedding_alternative_life_photography_0022


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