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Sneak Peek | Hilton Marietta Hotel and Conference Center | Piedmont Church Wedding

Sneak Peek | Hilton Marietta Hotel and Conference Center | Piedmont Church Wedding  | Greetings and happy Monday! This weekend was full of love and laughter as we celebrate Leah and Scott’s amazing wedding at Piedmont Church and the Hilton Marietta Hotel and Conference Center. We work once again with Stella-Harper Events and it was flawless as usual. Cheer to the happy couple who are in St. Lucia celebrating their amazing step into forever!


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Alexis and Jeff | Centennial Olympic Park | Millennium Gate | Engagement

Alexis and Jeff | Centennial Olympic Park | Millennium Gate | Engagement

Greetings fans! We’ve been trying like crazy to get everything on the blog blog before we leave for our first wedding on 2014 in lovely New Orleans! Today we have an adorable couple, Alexis and Jeff, at the Millennium Gate in Atlantic Station and Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta. Let’s get to know this sweet couple in the words of the lovely bride!

What’s Your Story? Jeff and I met through mutual friends during the summer between his freshman/sophomore year and my sophomore/junior year. Jeff was pretty quiet the first few times we all hung out together. I was pretty sure he was overwhelmed by me. One night out on the town we started talking and I was pretty surprised to find that he knew my name. He held my hand that night as we walked down the streets of Athens and the rest is history!

How were you engaged? I did not suspect a proposal at all! We had planned to go to Blue Ridge, GA the weekend of April 19th. My grandparents were also supposed to come up Saturday to spend the day with us. The Mountains and family is something really important to me. Jeff and I had spent a lot of weekends in the mountains together. We have a pond on the property that Jeff and I love to sit by. I picked Jeff up from work that Friday so  we could leave as early as possible. We had to stop at Costco to pick up crackers and strawberries for my mom on the way up. Once we left Costco, Jeff was adamant about driving the rest of the way. I thought he was being sweet and trying to save me from sitting in crazy traffic (Ahhh Atlanta – no story here starts with light traffic) so I told him I didn’t mind and I would drive the rest of the way. He ended up jumping into the front seat ahead of me, which I though nothing of. On the drive Jeff asked me to DJ- I of course played all our favorite songs. It had been a rainy day and as we got closer to Blue Ridge, the clouds began to clear revealing a beautiful sunset. As we pulled down the driveway through our pastures, there was a beautiful mist coming off the pasture and the pond and a little  a nip in the air. Jeff pulled the car over by the pond and stopped. I let him know that I had to pee really bad and that we needed to keep heading towards the house. Jeff insisted that it was gorgeous outside and that we needed to go look at the pond. He turned the car off, and jumped out of the car. When I opened the door to follow him, the cool air hit reminding me even more that I need to use the restroom. I said Jeff, “I have to pee, it’s freezing, and I’m ready to see the dog… can we go up now?” Jeff said “It’s so beautiful, come here” and opened his arms for a hug. As I hugged him, I could feel his heart racing; “Your heart’s beating really fast!” He pulled back and looked at me and said goofily “…Your hearts beating really fast.” I was a little confused but kept hugging him. He then said: “You’re the most important person in my life.” To which I responded, “Aw, you’re the most important person in my life” 

Jeff: “I love you more than anything in the world!”

Me: (cluelessly) “Aw, Jeff, I love you more than anything in the world!”

Then he got this weird look in his eye and took a really deep breath and said, “I can’t believe this is happening.”

Aaaaand I was still clueless….

Jeff: “I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with you”

He got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. I burst into tears. I could not believe it. We hugged , laughed and cried (and I screamed )”No way! No Way! Are you serious?!” Then he put the ring on and it was gorgeous!

Once we got up to the house my parents had champagne and cheese waiting. We called Jeff’s parents, our grandparents our siblings, our friends, our parents friends. We repeatedly said, “I can’t believe this is happening.” It was an awesome night. Because of all the excitement,  I totally forgot how bad I had to pee for another 2 hours. The next day we got to spend time with the family and friends. It was an amazing and surreal weekend.

Ahh love! It’s so powerful it can even make you forget you have the use the restroom for hours. What a sweet little story of a lovely proposal! I love it when these ladies get caught off guard (I know just how you feel). Alexi and Jeff are a very special couple and we are so thrilled about their May wedding in the beautiful Atlanta Marriott Marquis. If you know Bowie and I at all, you might have a good idea that we love that hotel and have been hoping to shoot a session there soon – but a full wedding with an amazing couple – we are STOKED! Cheers!!


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Keshia + David | Married | Foxhall Resort Sporting Club Wedding


Keshia + David | Married |Foxhall Resort Sporting Club Wedding

An Alpha Kappa Alpha girl marries the love of her life at the beautiful FoxHall! – All the soft southern glam you can ask for – and a beautiful couple who come to us the way of one of our favorite little families in the world . Check out all this soft, southern style at one of Alternative Life Photography & Design’s newest preferred venues. Check out the beautiful day filled with love, laughter and tears (plus a super sweet Porsche). You can also see Keshia and David’s wonderful engagement session here and here. Cheers to love!





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Laura + Brent Married | Muscadine Vine | Atlanta Wedding Photographer


Laura + Brent Married | Muscadine Vine | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Greetings fans! We’ve got an adorable story on the blog today. Meet Laura and Brent! As you may know for each client interview one of my very first questions is “How were you engaged?” I always find it so hilarious that our guys have such a hard time getting everything perfect to ask us to be their wives. Bowie had the such a hard time getting me to his perfect location in City Walk because I was starving. I did not want to leave the restaurant for the fear of our device would not reach and we would miss our reservation. I have to say that poor Brent probably had it worst of all. Here is the story in the words of the bride:

Brent planned the most amazing engagement day ever. Here’s how it all went down:

Brent usually works on Saturdays.  Friday February 1st, I was sickly, but enjoyed hosting the Stephens’ over for dinner and a movie. The next morning, Brent arrived at my condo to see how I was feeling before he went in to work. Brent came in, sat on my bed, and told me to get up and get ready.  No way. Not happening. I’m sick, I feel terrible, all I want to do is sleep in and rest.  It was about 9am.

“Wait… why aren’t you at work?”

“Because It’s our engagement day!”

What?!?!  After a series of “Whats?!” and “What do you means?!” I wept…. 

I think I started crying for a variety of reasons. 1) Why did you just tell me it was our engagement day? 2) I was sick and I knew I had the potential to ruin whatever he had planned. 3) Joy! Excitement! Anticipation!

 I got up and started getting ready.  As I was getting ready, Brent swung by the store to grab all the sickly necessities: Airborne, ibuprofen, tissues, etc. He returned to my apartment with my car filled up with gas my phone fully charge and asked , “Are you ready?”. Ready for what?

He then read me the first location clue.

While first impressions aren’t always best, I promise our pies are guaranteed to impress.

It was Fellini’s on Peachtree where we actually met for the first time when Brent came down to visit a friend and take a look at Emory as a potential employer. 

I’m sure by now you understand Brent had created this amazing scavenger hunt. Poor Laura was so sick for the entire day – but love over powers even sickness and she pushed forward heading to many locations that were special in their relationship! At each location she received another clue. I LOVE Brent’s create write-ups for each location and I want to share just a few more:

Eons ago I ruled all the land, stomping and chomping smaller dinos was grand! These days I hang out ’round this fine museum, being oohed and ahhed my so many children. (Fernbank)

We dined like the Incans and had a first fine dinner.  I’ve known since that night that you were a winner. (Machu Picchu)

The list goes on and on. He really out did himself in this adventure. It’s been such a long time since I read through their story,  yet I’m still in tears!:)The final destination of this scavenger hunt was back a Laura’s apartment. See, as Brent sent Laura on a “scrapbook story” of their love, he was back at her place planning the final moments. As Laura comes back from the last location she is greeted with candles, flowers and in her words “a dream.” He asked her to marry him, and of course she said YES!

You can imaging from this amazing story that this wedding was a day of beauty, light and joy! We were so thankful to see Laura and Brent take this amazing step in their lives. We were so thrilled to work with Stella Harper Events once again as well as a new amazing vendor Juli Vaughn Designs. Check out this beautiful day at Muscadine Vine! Cheers to this beautiful couple and as always CHEERS TO LOVE!!



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Olamide + Dotun Married | Agnes Scott College

Olamide + Dotun Married | Agnes Scott College 


Olamide + Dotun Married | Agnes Scott College | I love a great story. I find that in life if you were meant to be, the universe will find a way to make things happen even if you are half a world away. Today on the blog we have just that – love from a serious distance.

Meeting and Falling In Love

Olamide and Dotun are both Nigerian, born and raised. Their Nigerian heritage is a very big part of their life, and most importantly, part of their relationship. Olamide was raised in Nigeria until she was 15 and Dotun was her neighbor and great friend. Life for Olamide had some travel plans and she left Nigeria at the age of 16 to move to the US. In 2007 her sister was married back in Nigeria and, of course, she traveled  for  the wedding. While visiting she connected back with her old friend, Dotun. For the next year Olamide and Dotun would chat on the phone and Skype often until each realized their friendship was growing into something different. The two made a very hard decision to start dating each other living a half a world away.  Eventually, Dotun moved to the US to be with his beautiful lady!:)

In April of 2012 Dotun totally surprised Olamide with a lovely proposal. Here it is in the bride’s own words:

Dotun proposed in April 2012 and it was a total surprise. My birthday is April 10 and in 2012 fell on a Tuesday. The original plan was to go to dinner on that day with a few friends. However on April 7 (the Saturday prior), some of our friends invited us over for board games and dinner. When we arrived, I was surprised to find that all of my friends were present and it was a surprise birthday party. I was shocked but very happy. We ate, drank and danced. About 1.5 hours later, the guests started to present me with gifts and Dotun opted to go last which I didn’t think twice about. After everyone gave me their gifts, I was getting ready to cut the cake when he took my hand and I heard people screaming. I looked over and saw him get on his knees. I was so shocked, I apparently tried to run away:)It was all soo sweet. He popped the question and I said yes. He put the ring on my finger and it was soo gorgeous I started to cry. None of the guests at the party were aware beforehand of the proposal, so they were just as surprised as I was. I later found out that my sister helped him pick out the ring in Atlanta. Needless to say, it was a wonderful night.

See this totally beautiful, dance filled, Agnes Scott College wedding below! To Olamide and Dotun (Ola and D as we call them) We are SO thrilled that your long distance love and friendship turned into the most important relationship of your lives. You are so humble about your love and it shows. D, in every photo of you I can see all the love you have for Ola. We are so luck to have met you both and be there to photography your commitment to life long love. Cheers to love and laughter for the rest of your lives!


Design and Coordination created by: TiannaVivienne Events and Design


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