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Emily & Stephen are Married | Chateau Elan Winery and Resort | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

I have had several post dedicated to this lovely couple and their amazing day at Chateau Elan Winery and Resort. I never really got to meet or chat to much with Emily and Stephen! They lived all the way out in Portland and found me through another photographer’s opinion of our work!:)Emily and I chatted on the phone one time and when you know – you just know! We were a perfect match, not unlike these two love birds, meant to be! Not only are these two in love, but they bring love with them all the way from Portland to the great stated of Georgia! Their family and friends welcomed Bowie and I with open arms and treated us no less that one of their own! We did have another cloudy, and rain-filled day that day (hey, sometimes the weather just does not work with ya and you have to improv!) but it was amazing and beautiful! Check out some of Emily and Stephen’s blog post here and here and now below the full blog post on their love filled day!

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Christie & Isaac are Married | Primrose Cottage | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Wedding 2 of the season we had the great pleasure of another cloudy, chilly day. Nobody could care if it was rain or shine because true love – in so many forms – was in the air.

I met Christi and Isaac several month before their big day! We went out of several occasions together and really felt like we clicked with these guys and knew just what they were all about! Miss Christie is from Australia! (I wanna go) ūüėÄ Her story with Isaac is a sweet one – Move to a new country, and pretty much find your true love.. OVER half way around the world! How amazing is that? Christie met Isaac through her work and that is just what brought her to America. I love romanic stories of love and office supplies! HA!

Anyway, they were married Primrose Cottage with lots of friends and family present from all over the world. It was a beautiful day full of love and laughter! Cheers to love!

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Becky & Rafe are Married | Cornelia Community House | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Back in February, Bowie and I took a trip down memory, back to our old college stomping grounds to shoot the first wedding of the season! Bowie and I danced together for the first time looooooong before we went to the Cornelia Community House to have our first “slow dance” together ever at a school dance!:)Anyway – it always brings back great memories to travel back to the area – and of course be so grateful and thankful for our time there and leading us to our lives as a wedding photography team!

I met Becky through Piedmont College connections. I use to work with her mother-in-law in the Publications buy tetracycline powder department at Piedmont, my very first job as a graphic artist! Nancy, Rafe’s mother, helped me through many things in my career at Piedmont and I learned so much from working with everyone in the Publications department . It was a huge part of where I am as a photographer and a designer today! So, of course, I jumped at the chance to help Nancy, ¬†Beck, and their new family celebrate this joyous day! It was a cloudy February afternoon – but you would never know it! Everyone’s love and happiness shined through ¬†the cold rain clouds and it was an beautiful day!

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Sarah&Nick are Married | Teaser | Dunaway Gardens Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Our first day back from the trip, Bowie and I had the honor of celebrating the marriage of Nick and Sarah at the beautiful Dunaway  Gardens. I have so many beautiful images from this amazing day! We had a little buy tetracycline 500mg rain, but the down pour held out just long enough for everyone to stay dry! It was an amazing day full of love and emotion. Check out the teasers and so much more to come later!

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